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"Michel Labrèche a sphinxlike enigmatic individual, was the first to classify and categorize the complete state of consciousness in a book collection containing 2400 pages. His diligent and relentless work, his creative curiosity, his sense of questioning, have taken him to a realm where Reality is ubiquitous. As a result, he has demystified the “State of consciousness" while offering vital and key information to gain access to “Real consciousness”. Based on more than 40 years of research and life experiences, he has provided us with a literary masterpiece that empowers individuals and allows them to avoid the impediments and traps scattered along the path of life. This remarkable work has stemmed from his holographic perception and comprehension of the understanding of life at a cosmic level, the premise which allows us to access our own consciousness, our “Real consciousness” « MAY THE WIZARD OF US BE WITH YOU. MAY MAGIC BE PART OF YOUR LIFE AND MAY MAGIC REVEAL THE WIZARD WITHIN YOU ». These powers emanating from the Inner Wizard will attract those who have the capacity to sustain this intense cosmic Light."

- Michel Labrèche Author

The author unveils an overview of the human adventure and the destiny of mankind, with the potential to manifest the will power to overcome the psychic bondage we are all undergoing and experiencing as humans on earth…

Michel' French Video Interview

The Magician

has returned…

  • Michel Labrèche has managed to retrieved and harness from the invisible realm, crucial information that is decisive for eradicating mankind from enslavement. His work represents the transcription of all rules and instructions describing in full detail, exactly what’s at stake in this “game” of life.

    Michel- Labrèche. Author

  • The painting depicts Merlin as the principle e magician in the Anglo-Saxon tradition. His purpose for returning as a human on earth is to set in motion energy spheres located in the center of the Earth that have been dormant for thousand of years.

    The return of Merlin - Artist. Rendition

  • Cover page image of the book “The Wizard of US” and of the french version “Les pouvoirs de la Magie Sienne”.

    Jac - Lapointe. Artist




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